Thursday, December 17, 2009

Transport by Ski...

I recently finished my term at the Monument and handed in my final report. I also gave a presentation to the managers at the Monument along with all the law enforcement rangers as well. Everyone was extremely pleased with my work over the past six month and hopefully my research will lead to some well timed changes in and around the Monument. Joan, the superintendent, along with others, seemed adamant about making some of my recommendations a reality. Hopefully, the report will be available to the public so that everyone can take a look if they choose. It isn't for the weak hearted though, it is quite long.

But now for the real exciting part, I get to ski for the next three and a half weeks before I head to Washington DC for the TRB conference January 10th. Although there hasn't been much snow yet, I am hoping it will pick up shortly. Do a little snow dance for me. If you want to find me between now and TRB, there is a good chance I will be on the slopes. After TRB, I head back to Berkeley to finish the last year of my graduate degree. I am really excited to get back into academia and prepare myself for the working world upon graduation in December 2010.

And the 4Runner is still going strong, I will actually be driving it back to California. Cross your fingers, but I think it will make it.