Friday, October 30, 2009

Snow in the Desert?

I got my wish! Some snow on the red rocks of the desert. It was extremely gorgeous as you can see in the photos below (it made me really want to ski though). We don't get that much here so I am definitely going to appreciate it while it lasts. And it definitely won't last long since it is going to be at least 60 degrees come next week.

In other news, work has definitely picked up. I finished my last observation period on the road which was really rewarding. Now I have all the data I need to complete my analysis. Over the past couple weeks I have been working mostly in-office to get the final report completed before I head back east for thanksgiving. This will give me some time to have the report reviewed and make the necessary edits and additions when I return for my final two weeks in December. I will also be doing a presentation at the Monument in my final weeks to acclimate all the employees with the work that I have completed.

I also got my truck back from the shop a couple weeks ago and it runs like a new 22 year old car. Still has some slight starting issues, but that is more tied to the coldness then anything else. Should I keep it and drive it back to Cali? Or sell it here in CO before I leave?

In the past week, I also got some new neighbors. About six members of the Teton's trail crew moved down here for a 60 day term assignment. This means that we almost doubled the amount of people that live on the Monument from 8 to 14. It almost feels like I am back in a big city! All of the new neighbors are great and very friendly. We even caught game 1 of the world series together and surprising everyone was rooting for the Phillies. It does seem that everyone hates the Yankees. I couldn't have been more pleased. Now all they have to do is lose three more games.

In a couple weeks, November 14th to be exact, the Rimrock Run takes place. I will hopefully have some pictures to post, but it is essentially a marathon that travels over the 23 miles of Rimrock Drive. It has been going on for years, and leads to some complicated transportation issues as well. So it should be interesting to watch unfold.

OK, I think that is it for now. Until next time...

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