Friday, September 4, 2009

Influx of Jetsetters

I have a little time here and I want to give a quick update, and also to mention National Public Lands day, September 26th.

Since my last post, I have spent most of my time in the office. I have another week or so of data to collect on the road, but I needed a break. Most of my time has been spent analyzing the data I had been collecting, as well as reviewing legal documents about the 1986 lawsuit, learning the ArcGIS application, and firming up my draft outline for the final report.

I have also had a bunch of people visiting over the past couple weekends. One of my friends Alex, from CA, came through with his brother, Ben, while helping him move from Indiana to San Diego. They only stayed for a day but it was a blast. They really appreciated driving a huge moving truck, towing a car, up Rimrock Drive. My mom also came to visit for a weekend. We went to Arches, in Moab, and also up to the Grand Mesa. Obviously, I gave her a tour of the Monument and we did a couple hikes. Lastly, my friends Christian and Sarah visited. We went to Moab and did some awesome off-roading in my truck. It was awesome.

I will have more information and pictures of all this stuff shortly, but bear with me.

So, September 26th is National Public Lands day. We are having a really cool event at the Monument, so if you are in the area (or within 5 hours of the area...) you should definitely pay a visit. Check this site out:

If you aren't in the area check out this for some good ideas:

Also there is a sweet PBS series coming out on the National Parks and Park Service:

Alright, will be back with more next week.

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