Monday, September 28, 2009

Jetsetting myself...

So I have undoubtedly left you hanging after my last post, for over a month. Hopefully mys schedule will become a little more regular and I will be able to compile more exciting and multimedia focused posts.

Today, I don't have any pictures to add, but definitely some updates about work and life.

One of the best pieces of news is that I am almost done car counting! I have a couple more weekend days I need to collect some data for, but otherwise the bulk of the data collection is complete. During some of my time not on the roads counting, I have delved even further into my analysis and have started to come to some conclusions and begun developing some recommendations. This is where all the exciting stuff happens, but you will have to wait for the results until I finish my report.

In other news, I just returned from a good friend's bachelor party. It was in North Carolina and we spent the weekend enjoying various lake activities. Boating, tubing, jet skiing, dock jumping, etc. You name it, and we probably did it. It was great fun, and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures later. I will be traveling back to NC in October for his wedding as well.

I also spent some time in Boulder with friends over the past weekend. The weather was good so I was able to do a little hiking, and just exploring the city in general. I also went to a couple live music shows which were a lot of fun.

All in all, things are going well here, and the weather is starting to get cooler. If you know me, then this is what I was waiting for all summer. Ha. I also just purchased my season ski pass so I am ready to start ripping up the slopes. Can't wait for the mountains to open.

Until next time...

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